ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – That assertion is a smear by the LeftMedia, in coordination with the DemocRat Party,  that has been released across the Dinosaur Media since Donald Trump’s election.  The reason is two-fold:  1) To attack and discredit Steve Bannon, Trump’s Chief Strategic Advisor, who is from Alt Right Media outlet Breitbart News.  2) To attack nationalism and Trump’s populist movement as racist (nothing new here).



For the Marxist Left, everything is always framed in terms of race, because the Left wants to foment a Race War in America.  By keeping America divided along racial lines, the Left hopes to Divide & Conquer America.

So if the Alt Right isn’t a White Nationalist movement, then what is it?  The Alternative Right rose up as a rejection to Bushism, and the kind of faux conservatism practiced by Mitch McConnell in the Senate and by John Boehner as Speaker of the House, and now Paul Ryan doing the same thing.  These were the RINO (Republican In Name Only) leaders who told Republican voters that, in order to survive electorally, the GOP had to get behind Amnesty for illegals.  Remember that this was the conventional wisdom out of Washington before Donald Trump came along.  Amnesty was the signature issue of Jeb Bush who, in 2015, declared that he would win the Republican Primary without the kind of conservatives who wanted our borders enforced.  Traditional conservatism that wanted to put American interests, citizens, and industry first were derided and unwelcome in the Republican Party.


The Alt Right stood against all the “transformative changes” that Barack Obama was wreaking on the country, with the collusion of the RINO leadership in Congress.  From this the grass roots TEA Party was formed, the original nucleus of the Alt Right.  DemocRats immediately tried to paint the TEA Party as white and racist as well.  ANY opposition to the Marxist Left is ALWAYS attacked as “racist”.  Calling the Alt Right a white nationalist movement is just the latest way to call conservatives racist.

bbAt the same time, the Left is attacking Alt Right Media platforms as “fake news”.  As usual, the Left accuses us of what they themselves do.  It is the LeftMedia that is the real Fake News:  Fake polls, dishonest reporting, and the suppression of any truth that is damaging to the DemocRats and their Marxist Agenda.  The Alt Right Media is really the New Media, or the Truth Telling Media.  The media that will cover and report on the Wikileaks emails that showed what a corrupt and evil witch Hillary Clinton is, and how the Left Fake News was giving Clinton the debate questions ahead of time.

The logical conclusion of playing the Race Card is for the DemocRats to conflate love of country with racism, and patriotism, populism, and nationalism as “whiteness”.  As a loose coalition of minority blocs, and a party that deals exclusively in Racial Identity Politics, the DemocRats have to create a racial divide where the real divide is Nationalism versus Globalism.  They have to create the propaganda that will keep the denizens of their political plantation from feeling welcome in their adversaries’ camp. 

As Steve Bannon has pointed out, if Donald Trump delivers on his promise of jobs and prosperity, then in the 2020 election 60% of whites will vote for Trump, and 40% of Blacks and 30% of Hispanics.  The DemocRat racial coalition will be shattered and the Republicans will rule the country for the next 50 years under the governing principles of a populist nationalism.

This nationalism is simply a reaffirmation of the principles laid down in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  It is a recommitment to put the American Republic first, respect private property rights, and guarantee personal liberty.  Globalism, pushed by the Left, is a rejection of all this, a rejection of the Enlightenment, and even the Magna Carta itself.  It is mere Feudalism warmed over, this time ruled by Global Bankers with diplomatic immunity and using fiat paper currency to own all of the world’s assets and keep everyone as poor serfs through carbon taxes.

The Left is obsessed with controlling every facet of our lives, in every way.  Good men and women do not seek such power.  They resist it.

God Bless America, and keep Donald Trump safe.