KIRSTERS BAISH| Sh*t is about to hit the fan for Chelsea Clinton. This year has not been good to the conniving little witch. She was recently called out for abusing her democratic white privilege when it came out that she had been given a job right out of college paying $900,000 a year with zero experience. Her parents have been verbally beaten to crap. And now this.

A lawsuit has just been filed against Chelsea Clinton stating that she plagiarized chunks of her recently published children’s book. She published it anyway having allegedly known this. New York Post published a story claiming that an Albany, New York based author, Christopher Janes Kimberley is saying that parts of Clinton’s new book, “She Persisted,” have plagiarized chunks of writing. He says the book Chelsea stole from was his book, “A Heart is the Part That Makes Boys and Girls Smart.”

The lawsuit was filed last Thursday. Kimberley claimed that back in 2013 he sent a pitch for the book to Jennifer Loja, president of Penguin Young Readers. In the book famous female figures were quoted, which included Harriet Tubman, Nellie Bly, and Helen Keller. These same exact quotes can be found on the pages of Clinton’s book. Kimberley’s explanation is that Loja must have given the idea to Clinton without his consent. Clinton then used the quotes in her book.

The U.K. Daily Mail reports that back in April, before the book was published, Kimberley had issued a cease-and-desist order to Penguin Young.

The lawsuit claims that “She Persisted” chronicles “13 American Women Who Changed the World” and alleges it’s an “unauthorized reproduction of (Kimberly’s) work.”

“The appearance of impropriety is striking,” the suit reads.

Kimberley was interview by the Post, and made it clear that not only did Clinton steal from him, but he didn’t like her version of the book either. He stated “I did months of painstaking research on my book. Her version looks like a ninth-grade homework assignment. I am in disbelief.”

I’m not really sure what he was expecting from someone like Clinton. We’re not exactly sure why the lawsuit is claiming that there was $150,000 worth of damages, but mommy and daddy can pay Chelsea’s way out of that one easily. The Clinton Foundation might have to foot this bill, but that shouldn’t be an issue with the money they’ve stolen from all of us taxpayers over the years.