42 SLAIN In Fourth Of July Mass Shooting- President Trump Releases ALARMING Statement

KIRSTERS BAISH – The number of casualties continues to climb higher and higher in one of our country’s most dangerous cities during this July 4th weekend. The carnage and bloodshed has not stopped, even after direct order from our president. Upon President Trump’s warning issued to the havoc-reeking dirtbags in Chicago mass carnage has since ensued. Trump’s latest statement has made it clear that these thugs have picked the wrong president to disobey.

Chicago’s officials have let these serious matters slide for much too long, and as a result too many innocent victims’ lives have been taken. The crime rate remains one of the highest in our country. Our previous president made no effort to tackle the rising crime rate in Chicago. Since Chicago is Barack Obama’s hometown (and a heavily populated Black Lives Matter city) he seemed to skate around the rising death tolls and growing crime rate by justifying these horrible acts and making excuses for these felons, further displaying his support for the extremist group Black Lives Matter and dividing our country even further. With Obama out of office President Trump has made it clear that there will be repercussions for the actions of these criminals.

Taking a firm stand, Trump threatened to send Federal Agents to Chicago if officials didn’t start to make moves to fix these monumental issues of violence. Despite Trump’s track record of proving himself a man of his word, Chicago officials didn’t do much to put a stop to the criminal behavior. Trump looked at this as another opportunity to prove himself a man of his word by announcing that he would be sending twenty highly trained agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF). Even this wasn’t enough for these blood thirsty delinquents, so Trump decided to step it up even more.

Since the people of Chicago (including city officials) didn’t seem to be taking any of Trump’s threats seriously the president decided to step up his game by providing more information about his plan that would soon be set into effect. Said federal assistance will be provided the city of Chicago by the Chicago Crime Gun Strike Force. The police and the Department of Justice will also be getting involved. Trump is the first president to tackle the issues of drugs, violence, and looting in Chicago head on. Back in January Chicago was named city with the highest crime rate in all of the U.S. Last year over 4,300 people lost their lives to gun violence in Chicago alone. In 2017 the number of deaths in the city of roughly 2.7 million people has somewhat decreased, leaving 1,703 victims dead to gun violence. Although this number is significantly lower, there is still an obvious problem that must be addressed now, before any more innocent lives are taken.

For the first time in history we have a president who is willing to make real changes where we need to see them the most. Our inner cities have been ignored for far too long, leaving us with rising death tolls and generation after generation of criminals. This is a vast change for our country where just a year ago we were stuck with a president who would rather promote racial segregation and violence to further his own agenda than try to help the people of the United States. Fortunately, President Trump sees right through the political agenda behind the Black Lives Matter movement and is willing to put a stop to the massacring all together by taking drastic measures to ensure our safety and unite us as one nation. Rather than brushing all of the most controversial issues under the rug, President Trump is willing to confront them head on in order to restore the United States to the country it once was.