Somali Cop Who Murdered White Woman Just Made A SICK Admission – THIS MEANS WAR

KIRSTERS BAISH| On Saturday night Justine Damond, a Minneapolis soon to be bride, called the police in search of help. She didn’t know the call would be the catalyst for a string of events that would end her life. Damond trusted that the police would be there to protect her, but she was sadly mistaken. The officer that responded to her call was a Somali cop. When Damond approached the patrol car, she did so calmly and rationally, explaining to the officers about an assault that had occurred. One of the officers, Mohamed Noor, took this opportunity to reach right across his partner’s chest and shot Damond in the stomach, killing her almost instantly. This dirty cop has come forward with a statement so twisted, we know it’s going to start an immediate war in our country.

The state of Minnesota has become a gathering ground for Somali Muslim refugees after being granted allowance to enter the state in mass amounts. There are so many Muslim refugees taking over Minnesota, in fact, it has begun to look like a third world country. Now that these refugees are given jobs that would normally be done by Americans we are seeing the negative effects of allowing these hateful monsters into our country. Allowing this Somali Muslim man to become a cop cost Justine Damond her life. Noor has now made a despicable demand while admitting his crime.

No threat was issued to the officer when Justine came outside to speak to him. She simply wanted help with an assault case. She literally did nothing to provoke Noor to pull his gun on her, let alone shoot and kill her. Conveniently enough for Noor, both officers’ body cameras were off at the time of the shooting. This doesn’t seem like a coincidence.

Interim executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Minnesota, Teresa Nelson, explained that when these officers made the decision to turn their body cameras off they knowingly violated police policy. She was quoted saying, “this violation of policy thwarted the public’s right to know what happened to Ms Damond and why the police killed her. The two officers broke the policy not only when they didn’t activate the body cameras before the incident, but also when they failed to do so after the use of force.”

It was only a couple of years ago that Noor was called a hero for being the first Somali Muslim refugee to become an officer. Now claims of abuse against Noor have surfaced against one woman, and he is facing murder charges for killing another. It seems that he is showing his woman-hating Muslim background proudly. He didn’t seem to think much about killing Justine, and in fact made a request for himself right after the murder.

Justine Damond was an Australian yoga teacher and spiritual healer. She will now be seen as one of the reasons that we need to stop allowing these hateful Muslims into our country. The night she called 911 she was looking for help to report a possible assault that was said to have occurred in an alley by her home. News of her murder has made it back to Australia as well. Both Americans and Australians are in complete shock. Justine was planning on getting married in August.

Noor has put himself in sticky situations prior to the murder. He was sued once before due to an incident that occurred on May 25, 2017. He and two other officers entered a woman’s home and brought her to the hospital. The woman claimed that by bringing her to the hospital they constituted false imprisonment, assault, and battery. The officers explained that they believed that the woman was suffering from a mental breakdown. This claim was denied by both the woman and the doctors who treated her. The woman specifically called out Noor, saying that he grabbed her wrist with such force that she was in severe pain.

As reported by the Daily Mail:

The partner of a Minneapolis cop has revealed he was ‘stunned’ when officer Mohamed Noor shot dead bride-to-be Justine Damond through a squad car door.”

“Matthew Harrity was in the driving seat when his partner reached across him and opened fire on Damond, 40, fatally wounding her in the abdomen.”

“Noor, 31, has since offered his ‘condolences’ in a statement saying he ’empathizes with the loss others are experiencing’ but demanded everyone respect his privacy after he fatally shot the 40-year-old once though the abdomen.”

Privacy?! Noor deserves a lot of things for what he did, but I can assure you that privacy is not one of them. Justine left behind so many loved ones, including a fiancé who eagerly awaited taking her hand in marriage. Noor couldn’t even fake being sincere when making a statement about the murder.

7HOFM reported:

Her partner, Don Damond, said he was being kept in the dark about the incident.

“Sadly, her family and I have been provided with almost no additional information from law enforcement regarding what happened after police arrived,” Don Damond told reporters outside their home in suburban Fulton on Monday local time.

“We have lost the dearest of people and we are desperate for information.”

He said Ms Damond’s death was a loss to everyone who knew her.

“Our hearts are broken and we are utterly devastated by the loss of Justine,” he said.

“It is difficult to fathom how to go forward without her in my life.”

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, described as a fact finder independent of Minneapolis police, is investigating the shooting and confirmed Ms Damond was not carrying a weapon.

This horrific murder should have never occurred. The liberal mindset of allowing anyone and everyone into our country clearly isn’t working. These hateful murderous Muslims have no place in our great nation. It’s about time we start taking measures to ensure the safety of our citizens.