Walmart Makes HUGE CHANGE After LA Makes $15 Minimum Wage Hike … TOLD YA SO

KIRSTERS BAISH| Los Angeles just hiked up the minimum wage to $15 an hour, and Walmart had something to say about it. Liberals definitely weren’t expecting the reaction that Walmart gave. We all know that to be able to put food on the table there is a certain amount of money that we all need to make. The reason people get paid more money is by showing loyalty to a company, by showing improvement in skillsets, by doing a great job a whatever it is they are doing, not by begging the government for money that is not deserved. Usually $15 an hour is given to an employee who has proven themselves to be an integral part of the company.

My fiancé has been working in his field for almost five years. At his old company, he worked his way up from $12.50 an hour to $13.00 per hour the next year, until he had been there for going on four years and was making $16.50 an hour. When he changed companies, he had to take a pay cut and move back down to $15.00 an hour in order to be hired. (Most new hires were only offered $13.00 per hour, but it was his experience that boosted his pay.) How is it fair that someone with zero experience and no loyalty to the company could get hired on making $15.00 to start? The answer is simple. It’s not fair. Liberals are always so eager to take money away from those who have worked so hard to earn it and give it to people who haven’t done anything to deserve it. It would make sense that if a new person was hired on making $15 an hour, someone who had been there for a couple years who was currently only making $15 an hour should get a pay raise, no? This poses a huge problem for the companies. They are being forced to empty their pockets on salaries of people who aren’t deserving of that money.

These idiot liberals must have known that someone was going to speak up. Well Walmart did just that:

Liberals have been shoving a $15 minimum wage for years. They wanted to call it a fairness in “living wage.” The only reason they pushed the raise in minimum wage was the gain votes from those who were too lazy to work for more money. Too bad for them, way too many Americans saw through their political schemes and voted against them.

One of Los Angeles’ Walmart stores just decided to close their doors after hearing about the new $25 per hour minimum wage ordinance. The 33,000-square-foot store in Chinatown made it clear that they weren’t going to deal with the new ridiculous law. If you want to do the calculations to understand just why they closed their doors, good news, we have done them for you. It would cost the store $31,200 per inexperienced employee every single year. And on top of that salary, the store would be responsible for benefits as well.

“Try making a living on minimum wage,” was the Liberal argument. “Try making a profit paying $15 an hour to an unskilled laborer,” the employers countered. Ouch, they hit the Libs right where it hurts. The sad truth is that tons of people who have spent time and money on college educations don’t even earn $15 an hour to start out.

It doesn’t surprise me that Walmart decided to take a stand against the ordinance. And Walmart isn’t alone. Numerous restaurants have come forward claiming that the $15 minimum wage ordinance has taken up nearly 50% of their operating costs. These places are then forced to hike up the prices, which doesn’t pose for very happy customers.

These types of liberal decisions are going to crush our country’s economy. I sincerely hope the backlash against such idiotic ordinances is great enough to warrant some kind of effect.